Intellectual voice (phrases, moans)

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Brand: WM DOLL
Article: WM-16
50 USD

By default, the doll cannot pronounce phrases, moan during sex. If you want the doll to be able to pronounce phrases (in English), moan during sex, then add this product to the cart or inform the representative of the online store. 

Intellectual voice — this is a premium enhancement of a sex doll that uses a speaker built into the back of the doll's head and hidden under the hair (wig or implants). After turning on the device, the sound is activated by the movement of the doll. The tempo of the moans increases as the intensity of the movements increases. 


  • Activate sound by touch
  • Talk mode
  • USB charging port with USB cable
  • 14 moaning sounds
  • 17 colloquial phrases
  • Headphone jack
  • Battery indicator
  • Smart sleep function
  • Production time 5-7 days
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