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Brand: WM DOLL
Article: WM-13
25 USD

With the help of a penis adapter, any doll-girl doll can also be a transsexual. There are three types of penis for selection: erect (15 cm or 20 cm); non-erect. Please select a penis when placing your order or inform the representative of the online store about your choice. The use of the penis is possible together with a removable vagina (a penis is inserted into the vagina with a special attachment). The penis is by default the same color as the skin color of the doll's body. But you can choose a different color if you would like the penis to be a different color than the doll's skin. Inform this to the representative of the online store. Example of a combination of the penis with the body of a girl-doll (transformation in transsexual): Realistic sexdoll, transsexual Lora-163/C/69

  • Production time 5-7 days
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