Realistic sexdoll, transsexual Lora-163/C/69

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Brand: WM DOLL
Article: 163/C/69
1222 USD
  • Material TPE
  • Head 69
  • Body 163/C
  • Height 163 cm
  • Breast 82 cm
  • Waist 62 cm
  • Hips 82 cm
  • Details Vagina - 18 cm, penis - 15 cm, anus - 17 cm, mouth - 13 cm
  • Net weight 34 kg
  • Production time 5-7 days

The price is for the basic configuration of the doll (head, body, fully movable EVO skeleton (flexion/extension of arms, legs, body turns/tilts in different directions, raising/lowering shoulders), hair-wig, empty (without tongue, teeth) mouth, TPE breast, removable vagina, penis, smooth (without hair) pubis, cannot flex/extend fingers, stand). 

The doll's head can be replaced at no additional payment with another head, if, for example, you like the parameters of the doll's body, but you want the face to be like that of another doll. You can also order an additional head or several. The cost of an additional head is $300.

Characteristics, properties of the doll you can leave in the basic configuration, as in the photo, change or add: 

I. No additional payment: 1) eye color, 2) hair-wig, 3) skin color, 4) nipple areola size, 5) nipple areola color, 6) labia color, 7) penis, 8) fingernails, 9) toenails. 

II. For additional payment: 1) gel breast, 2) implanted hair, 3) finger flexion/extension, 4) ability to stand (standing feet), 5) tongue in mouth, 6) set "Teeth, tongue", 7) set "Vampire teeth, forked tongue", 8) intellectual voice (phrases, moans), 9) breath, 10) pubic hair (intimate hairstyle), 11) vagina without lubrication. 

Learn more about of the characteristics, properties of the doll, you need to click on the name or go to the subcategory "Accessories".

Please note that the doll may be depicted in the photo with characteristics, properties (for example, with implanted hair, a set of teeth in the mouth,  pubic hair or can stand), which are not included in the price of the basic configuration of the doll and require additional payment when ordering a doll as in the photo.

Any doll-girl can have, besides a vagina, also penis. Doll Lora-163/C/69 is one of the examples. The use of the penis is possible only complete with removable vagina. 

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